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RFID Inventory



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RFID Applications


Real Time Location System

Tower Inventory System

Mobile Inventory

Mobile RFID Inventory Systems:

  • Reduce/eliminate recurring costs associated with Cycle Counts

  • No downtime during Cycle Counts

  • Fast and accurate Cycle Counts

  • Instant Cycle Count reconciliation

  • Cycle Count reports

  • 3d computerized representation of asset location

Storage Facilities

Near Real Time Location System (NRTLS) allows storage facilities to conduct cycle counts on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or customized basis. The accuracy of a supply chain management database will increase with more frequent cycle counts. Our RFID Inventory systems lower the costs of cycle counts so that warehousing facilities can conduct inventories daily with a single user.




Mobile Inventory Systems consists of a vertical Passive Radio Frequency Identification (pRFID) antenna array that is controlled by multiple pRFID readers, is self contained, single user system consisting of the following items:

  • Equipment Cabinet

  • Computer/Router/Software

  • Battery/Inverter/Charger

  • Antennas/Readers

  • Forklift Transportable Base/Tower

Third Party Logistics