Why a Mobile RFID Warehousing Inventory System?

RFID Inventory


Our RFID Inventory Tracking System requires less equipment and infrastructure than competing systems

  • Self-contained and does not require ceiling mounted antennas.

  • Does not require expensive UPS back up power.

  • RFID antennas and readers are user replaceable.

Users have the ability to move system to new warehousing or storage facilities

  • Existing warehouse staff can dissemble and ship to new warehouse.

  • Our team can generate new 3D models for new warehouse and upload files remotely.

  • Does not require expensive site survey or re-calibration/installation of ceiling mounted antennas.

Better tag readability than competing Real-Time Location Systems  (RTLS)

  • Traditional RTLS have a difficult time reading static tags (non moving tags). Our mobile solution will not encounter static tags since the antenna array is passed by the tags located on shelving.

Ability to provide 3D coordinates in space

  • X,Y and Z Coordinates will allow our software to graphically illustrate to the users where items are physically located inside the warehouse.

  • Our software team will have the ability to send these coordinates to existing Supply Chain Management (SCM) software systems.

RFID Inventory Management Software

  • RFID Inventory Management Software is an open architecture, allowing the exchange of data between exiting supply chain management systems.

Reports and dashboards

  • Software contains a high level dashboard so that users can quickly determine the status of an inventory cycle.

  • When an inventory cycle is complete, the user can generate inventory reports or export the results to an existing SCM software system.

Fast integration

  • Our goal is to have a system operational within 90 days after receipt of order

  • Our software/hardware team have the ability to make modifications to our baseline system to meet the requirements of different customers.

RFID Inventory System Cost

  • Mobile RFID Inventory Systems cost less than competing RTLS due to the amount of equipment and infrastructure required to deploy.

RFID Tags Inventory

  • Does not require Omni-Directional passive RFID tags and can use less expensive dipole tags.